Brian J. Basken, P.E. –


BrianBrian Basken has extensive hands-on experience with controls systems, primarily direct digital control. He has designed, installed and programmed the controls for many boiler and chilled-water systems, air handling units, and ice storage systems. He has worked on both new and retrofit systems, large and small.

A creative, results-oriented thinker, Brian Basken developed an innovative, easy-to-implement process that will yield thousands of dollars in energy savings for you without expensive—and often unnecessary—building modifications. For large facilities the savings could add up to millions of dollars! Pearson Engineering guides clients through every step of this process, which has already been successfully applied at large and small facilities alike, with impressive results.

Brian is also a lecturer at professional development courses at the University of Wisconsin: Subjects range from Energy Audits and HVAC design to energy management, system analysis, and renovation of buildings, and Brian regularly shares his expertise with the many seasoned engineers who attend his lectures.

Many recent projects have benefited from Brian’s in-depth expertise and broad experience with commissioning and functional testing of new and existing systems. Let Brian Basken add value to your organization by offering cutting-edge engineering solutions and a genuine commitment to total customer satisfaction!

University of Wisconsin-Madison, BSME
U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification
University of Wisconsin-Madison: Qualified Commissioning Process Provider Certification (QCP)

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE)
International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
Building Commission Association


Aurora Healthcare, Eastern Wisconsin
Our efforts assisted Aurora in reducing their energy consumption by 12% in three years, resulting in savings of over $3.5 million a year. To help Aurora organize their new energy management program, we created a model of daily gas and electric consumption versus outside air temperature. We walked through hospitals with support personnel, brainstorming energy conservation ideas, and we reviewed daily tracking information each month to create summary reports that were distributed to the Energy Management Team.

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
We evaluated the DDC systems and staff, offering recommendations for improvement. We provided a comprehensive DDC Standards Document and assisted in the development of goals for Energy Conservation Measures. A specification was developed for installing additional energy meters throughout both campuses, and an Enterprise Building Automation System was defined that will ultimately integrate the multiple HVAC control systems, metering, lighting controls, room scheduling systems, and multiple SCADA systems.

School District 25, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Provided design and commissioning services for a two-year project to convert the two-pipe, heating-only unit ventilator system in nine schools to a heating/cooling system. The project included 200 new unit ventilators, nine new air cooled chillers, 30 air handling units, and a completely new BACnet Direct Digital Control (DDC) system.

Froedtert St. Joseph’s Hospital, West Bend, Wisconsin
As they considered expanding their existing facility, Froedtert hired Pearson Engineering to expand the existing chiller mechanical room, add a 600-ton water-cooled chiller, and to fix the piping for better chiller plant operation when more than one chiller is in use. By using our ultrasonic flow meters and temperature data loggers, we revealed the real cooling load profile and showed wasted chilled water in the AHU control sequence. By relocating a few pieces of equipment in the existing chiller plant, we were able to fit the new air cooled chiller remote evaporator barrel in the existing chiller plant without needing to expand the facility.

USMC Camp S.D. Butler, Okinawa, Japan
Energy Analysis of 17 buildings: Develop a computer model of each building to accurately predict energy usage. Collect field data (relative humidity, temperature, amps) using portable data loggers to verify experimental modifications to systems. Develop recommendations to improve comfort and save energy.

150 N Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois
Designed a new boiler plant, chiller plant, and BAS for this building that received the US DOE Energy Star, one of only 10 Energy Star buildings in Chicago.

Cuna Mutual Group, Madison, Wisconsin
Designed boiler plants in three separate buildings on campus, with the ability to use the boiler plant in one building to simultaneously serve another in the event of a failure. Backup systems included both vaporized propane and fuel oil. Designed the replacement of eight chillers and related cooling towers, and replacement or refurbishment of over two dozen air handling units. Optimized total system energy use to reduce operating costs. Two buildings on this campus continue to receive the EnergyStar award each year for their efficient operations.

Madison Area Technical College, Madison, Wisconsin
Our numerous projects over the past ten years have included: new chiller plant at the Downtown Campus, three new chillers and cooling tower at the Truax Campus, multiple Indoor Air Quality Projects, replacement of nine large air handling units, as well as a new condensing hot water boiler plant and heat recovery chiller. We also developed standard MATC mechanical specifications and details.

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