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Pearson Engineering has often succeeded in providing innovative solutions to challenges that others could not tackle, and that some thought we might be unable to take on. We have a long-standing record of success, with hard numbers to prove the difference we’ve made for our clients. We ask you to call us as early as possible, even before your project is defined, so we can help frame the discussion—because we want to be your advocate, environmental designer, and HVAC expert. Here’s what Pearson Engineering can do for you:


Pearson Engineering has achieved national recognition for innovative, energy efficient, cost-effective HVAC system designs. Read more …

Energy Management & Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship begins with energy conservation, and energy conservation begins with energy management. Read more …

Integrated Project Delivery

Our clients benefit from our expertise in Integrated Project Delivery. Read more …

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Pearson Engineering’s nationally recognized HVAC designs set us apart. We’re small enough to be flexible and responsive, but experienced enough to be trusted by clients across the country to complete complex design projects ranging from large office buildings, to college campuses, hospitals, and more. Whether your design project involves renovation, retrofit or a new construction project, talk to Pearson Engineering first!

Our extensive client list and powerful testimonials speak for themselves: Pearson Engineering is a leader in innovative, cutting-edge design. Our reputation is based not on what we say about ourselves, but on what our clients say about us! Pearson Engineering has a track record of success that is unmatched when it comes to the diversity, complexity, and size of the design projects it has taken on. We take pride in the fact that much of our business comes from referrals, or from existing clients who come back to Pearson for new design projects or to take advantage of our many other services!

At Pearson Engineering, we don’t just offer excellence in design: We offer our clients the peace of mind, top-notch expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction that become the cornerstone of an enduring partnership.

Energy Management & Environmental Stewardship

Pearson Engineering has been helping clients manage their energy for decades, with solutions that yield immediate benefits and significant cost savings—often without spending a dime on investment in energy audits and expensive capital improvements!

Immediate reductions in energy consumption—and the attendant costs—will be realized by adopting proactive energy-management techniques: Estimates based on recent Department of Energy data suggest that by merely applying these techniques the U.S. could have reduced its energy usage by 13%, nearly four times the energy produced by all renewable wind, solar and biomass sources combined!

Pearson Engineering is nationally recognized for expertise in energy management and energy conservation, and we can put that expertise to work for you! We have a proven track record in working with operational personnel to minimize energy use and cost before significant investments in energy audits and capital improvements.

Integrated Project Delivery

Pearson Engineering was implementing Integrated Project Delivery before the term was even coined! In supervising your project, we’ll use a collaborative model that integrates the talent and expertise of everyone on the team—from the owners and architects to the engineers, contractors, plumbers and electricians—throughout the course of the project to ensure efficient, cost-effective, state-of-the-art outcomes! From design to construction to commissioning, we’ll reduce waste while maximizing value for our clients!

We begin with good communications with you, our client, and write a detailed Design Intent, which includes sizing parameters and basic control logic. Single-line schematics of all major HVAC systems are given to the bidders to help them understand our concepts. We find this design process “levels the playing field,” allowing the client to get accurate pricing.

We review the final design to ensure you will get the intended HVAC system. Our extensive onsite experience helps us work with the contractor during construction to solve any problems quickly.

We also remain engaged with each member of the team to ensure that every task is completed expertly, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost. We know that the end of the project has the greatest impact on your long term comfort and efficiency of the system, and we work with the control contractor and balancing contractor to make sure each system is operating as intended. At the completion of functional testing, you will receive a document which contains sensor calibration information, initial set-points, and a list of functional test procedures that have been checked and verified. We simply take your project personally, and we leave nothing to chance!

Current System Analysis

When you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. To save you the time, money, and frustration of trial-and-error solutions, we make sure to carefully define both the starting point and the destination, in order to select the optimal route. That’s why a clear, concise, precise and all-encompassing analysis of your current HVAC system is so crucial.

Using state-of-the-art test equipment and computer simulations, Pearson Engineering can pinpoint opportunities to improve system reliability and air quality, save energy, reduce noise, increase life safety, and optimize temperature control. We will explain all the issues we discover in detail. We will offer alternative solutions with an explanation of each alternative. We’ll do it all both face-to-face and in clearly written reports.

Too often a flawed or hurried initial analysis done by another company has led the clients to mistakenly believe that incredibly complex and expensive solutions are unavoidable. Some of our most shining success stories begin with a correct analysis and result in economical and relatively simple solutions!

Ask us about our vast array of expensive test equipment and data loggers!

Master Planning

One of our most interesting jobs is serving as the HVAC Master Planner on “conceptual” projects. What are these? An example might be university leaders thinking about building needs 15 years from now or a dynamic growth-oriented organization planning ahead. No land has been acquired, no budgets estimated; just some people with foresight looking towards the future. Pearson Engineering can advise on far-future projects because we stay current with technologies in development and the impact they’ll have down the road. Our long-term relationships with many clients give us a sense of history, which in turn gives a unique perspective on the future.

Being Your Advocate

When developing a design concept, we want to understand your strengths, your challenges, and your vision for the future. In short, we want to be your advocate. Many designs address immediate needs with only a cursory look to the future.

As your Advocate, we design systems that ensure that five, ten, or even twenty years down the line, you and your service staff will have options when you need them. It’s part of our Value Engineering-based approach, as it places as much emphasis on the life-costs of a building as it does on first costs, depending, of course, on available funds.

System Commissioning

Just as a new Navy ship is commissioned, Pearson Engineering commissions your systems: This entails conducting a peer review of the project, bringing your crew on board, training them on the new systems, as well as testing and fine-tuning not just the systems, but also the crew’s ability to operate them. We test all aspects, components and their interaction. We thoroughly balance, fine-tune and adjust for optimum operation. We train your staff in all aspects of operation of the system—and just as importantly provide follow-up monitoring and thorough documentation to ensure peak performance! We are uniquely qualified to commission your “ship” because key people on our staff have actually been crew members on other “ships” and have hands-on experience seldom found in HVAC firms.

Retrofit Projects

A retrofit project is more like detective work than any other job in HVAC. Not only do we have to decipher what was built, when and how, but also why; the original “design intent” is often a mystery. This always helps when developing retrofit solutions.

We do not necessarily believe that old equipment must be replaced simply because it is old. In fact, the older we get, the less inclined we are to believe that age is a good reason to replace anything! We are proud of the fact that we reused a 1913 fan in the Richland Center Auditorium, and a 1929 fan in the Edgewood High School Auditorium. On the other hand, we are replacing fans at Madison College which are much newer, due to overriding considerations of efficiency, maintenance, and indoor air quality.

So before you begin remodeling, Pearson Engineering will analyze every aspect of your HVAC system, and we’ll offer an array of HVAC alternatives that fit your needs. In doing so, we often simplify—and economize—your system.

Digital Control System Development

Complete and user-friendly control is the foundation of an efficient, comfortable and worry-free system. Microprocessors have revolutionized HVAC system controls, and Pearson Engineering has taken full advantage of the capabilities and benefits of these digital controls. These capabilities include—but are by no means limited to—programmable systems, “smart” systems, remote monitoring and reprogramming from virtually any location, alarms and messages that can be sent out over pagers, cell phones or land lines, and much more.

We begin by preparing detailed specifications of your building control system. We have developed a unique and precise way to define each control sub-system, which includes the schematic diagram, and a precise description of the control logic which leaves no room for misinterpretation. We then help select contractors and oversee the installation. The system we’ll develop will be a multi-vendor, non-proprietary DC system that ensures you’ll never be “held hostage” by proprietary vendors and systems!

We can also monitor and assess your system’s performance remotely to ensure everything we designed and specified is operating at an optimum level! We often log on simultaneously with our clients and improve system operation interactively!

Designing for the Industrial Process

From printing companies to food processing, from cruise ships to a commercial laundry, and from a nuclear weapons research facility to a brewery, we have designed piping and ventilation systems to support all kinds of industrial processes. We can support and improve your production environment as well!

Incentives, Grants and Rebates

In Wisconsin it’s “Focus on Energy” and WE Energies. In Illinois, it’s ComEd and SEDAC. Whatever the locality, we work with utilities, performance contractors and government agencies to take maximum advantage of available incentives, rebates, grants, low-interest loans and cost-sharing contracts. After obtaining the funding, we will help you implement the project, and optimize its performance. Talk to Pearson Engineering first!

Design Intent

How many HVAC designs have you received which have been accompanied by a thorough Design Intent document? At Pearson Engineering, we realized years ago that our design effort was not complete, and its longevity was in question, unless we also provided a thorough documentation of our design, including the major components in the design, the philosophy of the design, the size and parameters of the design, and the control logic. Pearson Engineering provides Design Intent documentation of every project, big or small. We take care to develop the Design Intent document with the ultimate audience in mind, including the builder, the owner, the owner’s operating personnel, and even future retrofit designers. Clear, specific and thoughtful wording makes the Design Intent document useful to all.

Sick Building Analysis

We approach allegations of “sick building syndrome” with great care, often teaming up with industrial hygienists, to carefully measure and identify the real causes of the human symptoms reported to us. We can often cure a sick building by improving the humidity, ventilation or temperature control, at a lower cost than you’d expect!