Waukesha Memorial Hospital


Renovation and Documentation

Waukesha Hospital


Waukesha Memorial Hospital (Waukesha, Wisconsin)
We first became involved with this client as a commissioning agent for the large Northwest Addition on this hospital.  This effort involved modifying the original perimeter heat design to reduce installation cost, minimize future maintenance, and improve comfort.  This one change reduced the installation cost by more than our fee.  We performed functional testing of four large air handling units, a steam-to-hot-water heat exchanger, two perimeter radiant panel heating loops, snow melt system, and the helicopter pad snow melt system.

After this project, we became involved in helping the Owner solve several problems throughout the building.  On the subsequent major renovation of the SouthWest Tower, we were hired to provide both design services and commissioning services.

We have been working with the Owner to develop improved documentation of the steam distribution, hot water distribution, chilled water distribution, and building automation systems.  This documentation is helping us better strategize where capital improvements to the infrastructure need to be made in order to meet the needs of future expansion and remodeling in this hospital.