Brian Basken <br>PE, LEED AP, QCxP

Brian transforms indoor environments through his customized HVAC designs. He offers extensive hands-on experience with HVAC controls systems. Over the years, Brian has improved indoor environments through the design of controls for many hot water and chilled water systems, air handling units and ice storage systems.

A creative, results-oriented thinker, Brian developed an innovative, easy-to-implement energy management tool that reduces energy use without significant capital investment. It often results in substantial energy savings without expensive building modifications.

He brings broad experience with commissioning and functional testing of new and existing systems.

Brian is registered as an engineer in 22 states. He’s certified through the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a Qualified Commissioning Process Provider.

As a former UW lecturer, Brian informed experienced engineers through professional development courses. Subjects included energy audits and HVAC design. He’s active in ASHRAE and IFMA. He also serves on the Madison Rotary Foundation Board of Directors.