Richard Pearson<br>Retired
Retired Founder and Past President

In 1986, Dick Pearson returned to his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, to establish Pearson Engineering. He grew the firm by providing analysis and problem-solving engineering services for HVAC systems throughout the country

Much of Dick’s career has been spent in hands-on analysis of the operation of HVAC systems. Before founding his firm, Dick served as Chief Engineer on a U.S. Navy ship. He also worked as a sales engineer for a major air conditioning manufacturer and as a partner for a large HVAC and electrical design firm in Dayton, Ohio.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) honored Dick as a Fellow for his pioneering work with building automation systems. The society also presented him with a Distinguished Service Award.

Dick’s notable career spans more than 50 years and continues into his retirement. The firm’s founder still occasionally visits the office. His passion for the industry remains strong. He continues as an active ASHRAE speaker and consults on “special projects.”