HVAC System Retrofit in Madison, Wisconsin

The retrofitted HVAC system accommodates twelve different functions in this 40,000 SF 1923 Gothic cathedral.  Work was accomplished concurrent with a renovation, including new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.  Project highlights include:

  • The 60-ton chiller operates during off-peak electrical rates (storing 760 ton-hours of ice for peak cooling needs), and is a decoupled system with variable speed pumping throughout.
  • Three 94% efficient sealed-combustion boilers utilizing re-circulating pump operate only during occupied hours.
  • Five single zone air handling units (four pipes each) have large face area cooling coils and small fan motors with excess air relief through economizer cycles rather than return fans.

The Direct Digital Control system is easily programmed by staff for ultimate comfort, optimal start, variable flow of fans and pumps without shutoff of individual terminals, functional ice storage and melting, and optimal boiler operation.