Medical Office Building

System Modernization and Comfort

Lillibridge Healthcare Services turned to Pearson Engineering for help developing a plan to modernize and improve occupant comfort as they remodeled their Medical Office Building in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Services at this facility included:

  • Performed a system assessment
  • Developed guidelines for tenant buildouts
  • Designed a new high efficiency boiler plant

One of the key challenges to overcome was the lack of re-heat at individual zones in the 35-year-old system.   The facility only had perimeter hot water heating and preheat coils in the air handling units.  Initially, electric reheat was considered.  However, due to the facility’s limited electrical service and operating costs, a hot water reheat system was selected.

Pearson Engineering designed a new high efficiency condensing boiler. created to effectively function in both winter heating and summer re-heat modes.  During summer operation, to enhance energy efficiency, low temperature hot water is utilized for re-heat.  A new hot water piping distribution was provided from the boiler room, down to each floor, and extended down the hallways for future connection to phased tenant remodels.

We also developed a request for proposals, hosted the pre-bid walkthrough, and assisted our client in reviewing the proposals received to select a contractor.