Renovation and Chiller Upgrade in Madison, Wisconsin

This project included design of the HVAC system for a new addition and remodel area, including a new Building Automation System (BAS) that utilized Open protocols.  Occupancy sensors were used to control lighting as well as the mode of the VAV boxes serving the space.  One large AHU was replaced with a new unit with a waterside economizer instead of the traditional airside economizer.  The main reason for this was to reduce the odors drawn in by this unit under certain conditions.  Charcoal filters were added to further reduce odor incidents.

A second project at this location replaced an old chiller with a more efficient chiller.  During the summer previous to the chiller replacement, we installed an ultrasonic flow meter and data loggers to collect information on the real load of this building.  This information was valuable in determining the chiller size to give the Owner the redundancy needed.