Energy Efficiency, Comfort, and Modernization


Since 1998, we’ve been transforming the HVAC system for Network 222, a ten-story office tower in Madison, Wisconsin.

When it was built in 1971, the building housed a single large tenant. Our involvement began when new owners wanted to convert the property to a multi-tenant building. To attract future tenants, we helped our clients achieve their goals of improving comfort, reducing building energy usage and enhancing aesthetics.

Significant design projects have included:

  • System analysis and energy conservation measures
  • Chiller replacements that included a free cooling heat exchanger
  • Cooling redundancy projects
  • Air handling system upgrades
  • Implementation of a new building automation system
  • Development of several different HVAC concepts as models for tenant buildouts

We continue to assist this client with new tenant buildouts and periodic trend reviews. We also offer ideas for improving comfort and energy usage.