Our process begins with verification of the existing HVAC systems down to the terminal devices and the areas they serve. We analyze building usage to optimize control strategies to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Through collaboration with the Owner, we create a comprehensive plan for an upgraded building automation system. Our team defines each control sub-system with a schematic diagram, points list and a detailed description of the control logic.

This comprehensive approach leads to accurate proposals from controls vendors. It also provides accountability through adherence to the project documents.

Our process typically consists of the following:

  • Conducting field investigations
  • Developing an energy use model to evaluate proposed changes to current operations
  • Using an energy model, we estimate the impact of proposed changes
  • Creating bid documents for controls upgrades
  • Working with the Owner to review proposals
  • Reviewing contractor submittals
  • Conducting site visits during construction to confirm the appropriate installation
  • Verifying and functionally testing the controls systems with a contractor

During the first year of operation, we remotely log into the Building Automation System to confirm it operates as intended. We review system operations with our clients so we can answer questions and make needed adjustments.