HVAC Upgrade Inspires Office Remodel

Independent Pharmacy Cooperative could no longer accept its 22-year-old HVAC system.  Company leadership felt their team deserved a better indoor environment.

Our HVAC wasn’t providing comfort levels to employees. It was time to update it,” said Mike Dulas, vice president of operations.

When the 18,000-square-foot building was constructed, a residential HVAC system was installed to serve the facility. The office grew through two additions over two decades. Despite some improvements, the antiquated system couldn’t provide quality heating and cooling.

Renovation Project Expands

The cooperative asked our team to analyze its existing system and make recommendations for improvements. We developed a concept plan for a phased replacement of the HVAC system. Installing a new system would require removal of the majority of the building’s ceilings. At this point, IPC decided to evaluate, remodel, and update the entire office building.

The owner turned to us for help, and we introduced them to Destree Design Architects and Ideal Builders, both of Madison, to develop and implement a project to not only modernize the HVAC system but the whole office environment.

We began by creating a Request for Proposal for HVAC design/build contractors. Serving as IPC’s Owner’s Engineer, we assisted with reviewing the bids, contractor design and installation, and then we commissioned the new system.

New HVAC System

As part of the HVAC improvements, our plans called for the installation of a new modern variable air volume system. Components included:

  • Large Central Air Handling Unit
  • Boilers
  • Air-Cooled Chiller
  • Ductwork Distribution System and VAV Boxes with Hot Water Re-Heat
  • Hot Water and Chilled Water Piping

The system also featured an energy recovery unit to pre-heat and pre-cool incoming outside air and recapture exhaust energy.

In addition, plans called for the installation of a new building automation system.

More Usable Space

Through the redesign of the current square footage, IPC gained additional usable work space. The previous layout had room for 53 employees. Now there’s room for 85 employees.

The new energy-efficient workspace delights employees who enjoy a comfortable indoor environment.