New HVAC system will save energy at expanded hospital

Our team efficiently provided HVAC design services for the ProHealth Care Hospital expansion project. Because of our work on previous projects at this facility, we had extensive knowledge of its existing HVAC equipment and capabilities. Plans call for the addition of approximately 85,000 square feet and remodeling of another 40,000 square feet.

The fast-track expansion project, now under construction, will add a new surgery department, new patient room wing, recovery area, remodeled MRI and pharmacy departments, remodeled lab, new kitchen and remodeled main entry.

Use of a 3D modeling programs by project team members – including architectural, structural, electrical and plumbing – allowed all parties to see updates in real time. This process led to an efficient building design that will provide quicker installation and construction. It also requires less on-site coordination.

Designed for Energy Star

The hospital’s new energy efficient HVAC system will meet the qualifications for Energy Star certification.
For example, three new air handling units provide variable volume instead of constant volume. Although designed for peak loads, they mostly operate at a lower capacity, saving air flow and energy.

The mechanical scope also includes:

  • A new steam boiler plant with steam to hot water heat exchangers for building heat, snow melting and domestic hot water
  • One new chiller and cooling tower plus the relocation of another cooling tower
  • Installation of kitchen grease exhaust systems for five kitchen hoods
  • Installation of more than 250 VAV (Variable Air Volume) boxes

Test Components

After project completion, our team will test HVAC components to make sure they meet expectations. Energy use also will be tracked to help the hospital achieve its desired Energy Star rating.

As our long-time engineers, the Pearson team understands the HVAC components and layout of our existing clinic. Their design will efficiently upgrade the system and allow us to save energy, while providing a comfortable environment for our patients and staff.

- John McGinnis, Director of Facilities for ProHealth Care