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With decades of experience in completing ambitious HVAC design and retrofit projects and tackling challenging energy efficiency problems, Pearson Engineering is a nationally acclaimed engineering firm with a personal touch, and a very clear promise: We’ll apply our unique way of thinking to create cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions for you, and we’ll treat your needs as our top priority. We’ll look for answers that save you money and add value to your organization. Together we’ll build a partnership based on trust, service excellence, and proven results. Our track record of engineering innovation and impeccable customer satisfaction speaks for itself. Talk to us first, and we’ll change the way you think about energy and efficiency experts: That’s our promise!

While our projects are of a grand scale, our company is small by design. Our experienced professionals provide hands-on involvement from initial analysis to follow-up service. At Pearson Engineering, the person you hire is the person who will run your project.

EinsteinComplicated engineering concepts seldom function as the designer intended. We continuously adhere to Einstein’s precept, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” As you get to know us better, notice how often the words “simpler” or “simplify” come up.